Octavius Ross  Educational Psychologist

Octavius Ross Associates Psychological Services provides specialist psychological services to individuals, educational organisations

(schools, colleges & universities), the legal profession, and children & families. 

Services Provided

Individual Psychological and Educational Assessments of Children and Adults
Legal & Court-related Assessments and Reports
Training and Development
Psychological Therapeutic Work with Individuals
Psychological Therapeutic Work with Families
Special Educational Needs & Disability Assessments
Pre-school, College, University Work
Dyslexia,    Dyscalculia,      Dyspraxia,     Dysgraphia.
Diagnostic Assessments for GCSE and A-Level Examination Access Arrangements and
Disabled Student Allowances (DSAs) for University

Contact Details

Name:  Octavius Ross

Email:   OctaviusRoss@aol.com

Phone:  01889 504093

Mobile:  07967 101783

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